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Gone Fishin’ Sue


A tad later in the day than usual, but there she is!!!  Even an embroidered line!!!    I HATE embroidery!  LOL   But hey—sometimes a project just needs it.   IMG_7798

The only tiny button I had on hand was a  heart.   Feel free to use a google eye, or even scraps of flannel or felt. IMG_7799

Being from Louisiana, there is a LOT of fishing going on over here.   And SHRIMPING.  So I gave my girl shrimp boots!   IMG_7792

Unfortunately, I ended up covering them up with the canoe, BUT you could easily forgo the canoe and just have her fishin’ in the bayou!

Feel free to share and down load until July 1st!  Download the PDF file here———->  Gone Fishin

peace and pieces,

May Showers—FREE Block of the Month SunBonnet Sue

Welcome back, ya’ll!!    The end of the school year is RIGHT around the corner here in SWLA.  We have had a lot of activity with last minute field trips, awards ceremonies, and (gasp) a graduation.  Yes, my 3rd baby is headed to kindergarten next year.  sighIMG_7280-001

SO I’m sorry this post is a tad late.   Dot is just as busy, but she still managed to squeak out the sample block for us.  THANK YOU DOT!   And as always, the cutest darn applique embellishments!  The flower stems are intended to be embroidered.   The 2nd applique is a basket with a butterfly, requiring NO embroidery.  Take your pick!!!may photo2

Anyway, on to the pattern!   As usual, it is guaranteed to be free only until the end of the month, even though I often forget to remove the pattern link!   All other patterns are available in the Etsy store.   Download the pattern here——>May Showers

If you sew up one of these darlings, please share on the Flicker page.

Off to work on that stack of 9-patches.   ALMOST done!!

peace and pieces,

Goofy boy

Goofy boy

Lucky Sew—-Free PDF Block Of The Month pattern

IMG_4758Meet the NEXT Sue in our Sue Through The Seasons.  Lucky Sue!  Check out the BLING in that Pot O Gold!   Gold lame’ ribbon worked great!IMG_4759

Color coordinated threads for applique, as well!IMG_4760

And Bling on her hat buckle, too!IMG_4762

I struggled with my fabric choices.   Nothing seemed to work.  So I found a sheer green sparkly ribbon and laid it over some plain linen.   Worked pretty well!!    Until I went to iron it.   IMG_4763

It melted.   OOPS!!   But I can fix that—just wait….IMG_4764

I ended up turning this sue into a table runner.   The shamrocks on the sides are the optional applique choice.  IMG_4770

Remember the iron burn??    This new shamrock covers it RIGHT up!!   IMG_4771

Just getting funky with my camera now!   lol   I LOVE this thing!IMG_4772

The only shamrock that I got appliqued properly.   I need a new needle BAD.  So I opted to just show you the unfinished sample, and do another post later.IMG_4773

The pattern can be found right here in the Etsy Shop   Lucky Sue 12 inch block  Remember, it’s ONLY free until the end of March!   So share, pin, blog, etc!!!  If you missed the other 2 blocks, don’t stress.   They are in the Etsy shop!

OH!   And today is the LAST day to join the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop!!  Head on over to the giveaway post!

Linking up with Richard and Tanya’s Link a Finish Friday.

peace and pieces,
amy (and dot)

Sue Sweet!! Block 2 of Sue Through the Seasons

Good MORNING everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  I tend to celebrate all week.  Mostly food stuff, but the kids like it.  I have a few more of those to post.  But until then……..  Meet Sue Sweet!sunbonnet sue february dot

Isn’t she cute?   Notice the love letter in her hand!  This applique is a heart topiary, and the second applique pattern features a mailbox.  Once again, Dorothy Gautier did the sample.  I LOVE hourglasses.  And her choice of colors are always spot-on.  You can find the file here———> (Sue is no longer free….please find her at the ETSY store.)

Like last month, we ask that you simply leave a comment if you downloaded our pattern.  This link will be taken down on March 1st.  Since February is a short month, you better hurry!  Share, pin, and let your friends know!  New Sue is available in my Etsy store.

I have 3 big projects going on at the same time, and I hope to have pictures and finished products REAL soon!!  So stay tuned!

peace and pieces,

Happy Sue Year!!


Happy Sue Year!  Isn’t that just adorable?  hehe   Ok, so it’s not showing much.  But I want to let you all know that Stitches and Kisses are still on track!!  Sun Bonnet Sue Through the Seasons will start Tuesday as planned.

Here are the details.

1) Each block will be 12 inch finished.
2) Each block is mostly paper pieced.  The other half will be applique.   It IS possible to only do the paper pieced Sues, but they won’t be nearly as cute!!!
3) We are creating samples from each of the blocks (remember Witchy Sue as a pillow?) but next January you will receiving finishing instructions for a KICKBUTT quilt top.
4) The blocks will be released on the 15th of each month.   You will have access to a free download until the end of the month.  There will be 2 ways to get the free download.   First, I will hook it up through paypal so Dorothy and I can keep track of how many have saved the pattern.  If you do NOT have a paypal account, then please leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I will email you the pattern.
5) All back order patterns will be available for a small price here via paypal.

Does all of this make sense??  I sure hope so!!   I am SOOOO excited about this project.   I suspect Stitches and Kisses will take off with our new enterprise!!   In the mean time, Butterfly Angels is trying to figure out a pattern similar to the Skating Sue…..a scene of sorts.  But I have to decide what I want.   Sew Hooked is an amazing designer.  I managed to expand on her main block.   Time to do my own!!

Here is another shot of the sample.   I LOVE my partner!!  IMG_0353


She made mine a Saints Sue Year!!!!

peace and pieces,

GIVEAWAY! Announcements, and more!


Thank you for playing!



Welcome ALL!    I know there are quite a few of you linking in from The Quilting Gallery!   I’m so happy to see all these new and smiling faces!!  welcome_mat

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Amy Gay; wife for 12 years to a HANDSOME blue-eyed man; mother to 2 blue eyed girls (The Apprentice and WildChild); a Blue-Eyed Boy, and a Brown-Eyed Boy.  I quilt for the public, and am beginning to create patterns.  I can’t go back to my professional life (LONG hours) so I hope that my quilting can be a blessing to my family as well as my well-being.  I tend to like more traditional patterns, but the modern creeps in sometimes.

Currently, my partner Dorothy and I are going to host a Block Of The Month.  Remember the Witchy Sue100_4287

There will be a Sue for each month.   Starting January 15th, there will be a paper pieced pattern with applique embellishments released each month on the 15th.  The pattern will be free ONLY until the end of the month.   All previous months will be released for $0 .99.  So please PLEASE pop in and get your patterns.

Now, the reason you are here!!   FREE STUFF!   How’s this?20121209_150717

6 Fat Quarters, Valentines stuff!   Perfect for a runner or candle mat kind of mini-quilt.20121209_150513

To win, just comment below.  Maybe you could tell me which of my projects you have liked.  It would GREAT if you followed me on Facebook, or Twitter, or signed up for the blog (email link to the right!)  But none of that is required.  Just comment.  And PLEASE, go take a peek at the rest of the members of the Blog Hop sponsored by Quilting Gallery.  Over 150 other blogs are giving goodies away!   Oh-And I will ship internationally!

Thanks again for stopping by!

peace and pieces,

Witchy Sue–A FREE Paper Pieced Pattern

I am super excited to announce the debut of

Stitches and Kisses

Dorothy Gautier and I have joined our brains, and are creating the CUTEST series.   This is just the first of many.  We are not sure of the exact format, but keep your eyes open.

So here she is!   Our first Baby–Witchy Sue!  PDF file is here—–>Sunbonnet Witchy Sue

This is the same block in fabric!

Isn’t she SWEET?  And here is Dorothy’s version.   We have made a few changes since she made this, but you can see how the fabrics she used gave the project a different look.  The FLY and broomstick were both from a magazine about 3 years ago.   If anyone can identify the magazine issue, PLEASE let me know so we can offer proper credit. 

I made mine into a pillow slip cover. 

Isn’t Sue perfect?

Just remember that Stitches and Kisses will be releasing more stuff as the months go on.  Keep your eyes pealed!   Dot and I are AWESOME together!!!

peace and pieces,