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playing in EQ

I LOVE my EQ.  Like TOTALLY adore it.   I can design anywhere (now that my awesome sweetie bought me the best laptop backpack) and create some really neat stuff.   OR, I can just procrastinate.  And ya’ll, I put the PRO in that word!

A friend asked me to design some minis recently, and I have already messed with that a little.  While these patterns were still stewing, I saw one of those “bookshelf” quilts.  Yeah—you know exactly where my brain went!!!  bookcase small

Six 12 inch blocks!!   Mix and match!  This is fairly normal sized wall hanging at 2’x3′  But I have 4 kids!!   Don’t they ALL need a frame??bookcase mini

Now we are at 2’x4′  BUT (hehe) most real book cases are 5 shelves, right?   Soooo, let’s go FULL SIZE!bookcase mini large

There ya go!  3′ x 6′, full sized bookcase!  LOL  But NOW, there is too much repetition…maybe I need a few other blocks.   Other than books, what is on YOUR book shelves that I can try to create?  Tell me and we’ll see what I can come up with!

peace and pieces,

Grave flags round 2

I made some little flags to go on my brother’s and grandmother’s graves a while ago.  It’s been nearly a year.   They were very beaten up and faded, but no one stole them, and they didn’t fall apart!  I was really impressed. 

I did the WHOLE thing by hand this time.   So they may not hold up as well.   I attempted to crazy quilt the background, then hand stitched the applique down. 

No fusible was used.   So I sure as heck hope that it hold up.   At least til Valentines or Mardi Gras!!

I should have another finish to show off tomorrow!!   Wish me luck!!

peace and pieces,