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Housekeeping and purse skirts-Jack Skellington!

First of all, the housekeeping.  I’d like to remind you all that, while MY block for the Glorious Autumn Hop is done, there are MANY MANY more to go.  Please go support the great designers!  And the Whims and Fancies hop started already, even though I’m not showcased until the 24th of this month.  So check out the paper pieced blocks offered.  There will also be a SPECIAL block released HERE on Butterfly Angels on Halloween Day.  My partner Dorothy Gautier and I are “Stitches and Kisses”!!  We’ve been percolating an idea for years now.   It’s time we brought it into the light!

Now, the skirts!!!   I have a sweet friend who sells 31 purses.  Charlene sells them HERE. She gave me an awesome purse, and in exchange, I made her some skirts!   I made this one for me, first!!

Now, these are “dry” fit.   I havn’t put the hooks on them yet.   I just HAD to know if they all fit properly!!!

This one is for Char.

Yes, I realize the print is on it’s side.   But that Eiffel tower would NEVER have fit otherwise!

And last??   Her favorite movie!

Isn’t he sinister looking???

I shaded the eyebrows just a tad to make him even more dimmensional.

Even the pinstripes (thanks Steam) were almost perfect!

I used the pattern and tutorial at 365 Days to Simplicity.  She did an excellent job with step-by-step directions.   If you have your own purse, it is a breeze to make your own skirt!

Now I’m off to hand stitch the little hooks on.   AND, Jack needs a Santa hat.   hmmm…….

peace and pieces,