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Stars and stripes

This did not start out patriotic at all.   Even thought it DID turn out that way.  Sort of.  I bought the Fat Quarters from Connecting Threads WAY back when, with my Father In Law in mind.   He loves Blue.IMG_7758

That is the unfinished version.   I didn’t get real good pictures of it finished!!   Except this..IMG_7779

I put a pocket in this….Father In Law likes to keep his feet warm when he’s in the recliner!  IMG_7773

The kids personalized it.  IMG_7777

This poor quilt was supposed to be just big stars.   No stripes.   But I stopped sewing with 6 blocks left.  When I got back to it, I FORGOT that I had already hacked of the fat Quarter to make it square.   Oops.   SO I had to add the log cabin-ish piece to get them up to size.   And you know what??   I LOVE IT!!

There is no OOPS in quilting—-simply an opportunity to do something different!!963804_10151519878053884_2001371086_o

BrownEyed Boy loves it too!!

peace and pieces,

t-shirt quilt.

There was a horrible tragedy in my little community.  IMG_7750

I won’t go into details, but I will show the t-shirt quilt I threw together.  A friend showed up here with a stack of shirts and said HELP.  IMG_7749

She kept my house and kids, and I sewed.  Somehow, God guided my hands.   Not a single mistake was made; no flubs; it was perfect.IMG_7752

And in 6 hours, the grieving family had something to hold.  IMG_7753

Please keep this family in your prayers.  And go hug your babies.  You never know when a freak accident will take your loved ones.

peace and pieces,

Not Your Ordinary Nine Patch

Who knew the plain ole boring nine patch could be transformed into THIS??!IMG_7730

Meet Halo, a milk cow.   The gentleman who ordered her also ordered the Golden Gator several years ago. februry 2011 208

I tried to replicate Halo perfectly, and I THINK I did a decent job.  IMG_7731

Before I washed her, the face had a lot more definition.   I’m kinda bummed about that.IMG_7732

But the bag came out pretty good!IMG_7733

I appliqued parts of curving areas to show the clouds and the green meadow.  IMG_7734

Most of the green curves ended up underneath Halo, but the clouds came out!!IMG_7735

I will have delivered this by the time the post goes live.   I sure hope it’s well received.   I’m showing the Guild tonight.

Up close shots of the quilting…..Pebbles in the clouds, IMG_7742

swirls in the sky, IMG_7743

and daisies in the grass.IMG_7744

I LOVE my longarm!

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peace and pieces,

Pink Elephant stuffie and wall hanging

560Remember LAST year when I did that flannel baby suite??  Go here for a refresher.IMG_7707

Well, I TOTALLY forgot that I said I’d make a wall hanging.   Char has been SO patient!!IMG_7708

I’m lucky she’s a friend!!    IMG_7709

And to say I’m Sorry, AND Happy Birthday…..IMG_7710

…how about a tiny stuffed elephant???!!IMG_7712

It is based on the tutorial by BustleAndSew, but I had some issues and kind of freeformed it.  IMG_7714

I sure hope Amy loves her new critter.IMG_7715

I know I had a blast making it!!   And I’d like to make a few more.   I imagine they’d sell at the craft fair.  IMG_7716

peace and pieces,

a rag throw, and a quilt top


16 half yards, and squares of batting.  SUPER wonky quilting for extra preteen interest, and there ya go!!IMG_7737

The back is great too, even if I DID get 2 fabrics next to each other.   LOL  oops.  IMG_7738

I will have a free tutorial up later this week to show you how I did it.

I also got some mail today!!   A friend got this at an Amish Auction for $17!IMG_7739

Awesome, isn’t it??   It’s not hand pieced, so I feel great putting it on the Long Arm to finish it off.   It has some interesting scraps in it.  Here I see Halloween and July 4th in the same block!IMG_7740

And the baseball is fairly new, but the rose print on the right looks fairly old.  IMG_7741

This is going to be so fun to quilt up.  The client wants purple.   Think I should go with a dark purple and make sure it pops, keeping motifs in their places, or should I do a lighter lavender?   Or even grey?   It will be purple on the back and the binding.  Let me know what you think!

peace and pieces,

EasyPeasy Patchwork Quilt Tutorial

I’ve done several patterns, but this will be my first on-site tutorial.   This will probably get long, but hang in there!

The quilt, with 32 Fat quarters, finishes at 6′ x 7′.   Feel free to use more or less as you see fit.

Supplies are easy.  32 Fat Quarter’s and a Wonder Cut Ruler.   This is not a paid or sanctioned post—I just LOVE the ruler.April 20132

Cut the Fat Quarters (FQ) as follows.  I stacked 4 at a time, short side facing you.   Cut a 2.5″ strip, a 3.5″ strip, and 2 strips matching the 6 1/2″ line on your WonderCut Ruler.  Note—there will be a decent strip about an inch wide left over.   DON”T THROW IT AWAY!!  More on that later.

Grab the 3.5″ strips and head to the machine.   Mix and match in as random an order as possible.  Lay them right sides together, and stitch up one long side.   Iron the seams toward the darker fabric.

3.5" strips sewn together

3.5″ strips sewn together

iron toward a darker fabric

iron toward a darker fabric

Cut into 3.5″ sections.   You will get 6 per stripIMG_5578

Pair up again, being careful to butt the seams up nice and tight.

paired up...

paired up…


Sew into 4 patches, and iron the seams to one side.  48 blocks are done, JUST LIKE THAT!

pretty 4 patches

pretty 4 patches

Now grab the wide strips that we cut with the Wonder Cut Ruler.   Mix and match as randomly as possible, and lay right sides to right sides.  Sew up BOTH sides.

sewn on both sides

sewn on both sides


Use the Wonder Cut ruler, on the 6.5″ line, to create your Half Square Triangles.  IMG_5621

By being VERY careful, I was able to get 4 HST’s out of almost every strip.  If you can only get 3 per strips, it’s OK.  IMG_5625Those corners??   DON’T THROW AWAY!  Put them with the thin strips from the first step.

Now you should have 48 4 patches, and 128 HST’s.   There were several HST’s that I couldn’t use—wonky corners from that 4th cut.

wonky corner---toss this aside for now.

wonky corner—toss this aside for now.

As long as you don’t loose more than 8, you’re all good.  If you feel the need to square up these blocks, please do so.   The WonderCut does a marvelous job, and there is rarely a need to trim anything.

Iron toward the darker fabric

Now go find your top-of-the-line randomizer.   Yes,  have one!  You don’t?   IMG_5631Ok, it’s a diaper box.   But it works!!   Throw all the useable blocks in and start tossing.  Make a big giant mess of them.   The more random the better.

random blocks

random blocks

Grab 2 blocks and sew together.  Grab another 2.   And another 2.  Don’t think too much.  This is supposed to be fun!

a pair

a pair

When you’re all done you should have at least 84 pairs.  Match them up again, and sew.

42 12.5" unfinished blocks.

42 12.5″ unfinished blocks.

Now you have 42 12.5″ unfinished blocks!   At this point, I iron everything.

Lay out the blocks.

a helper always makes this step easier

a helper always makes this step easier

If you have 42, a 6×7 grid makes a great sized quilt.   36 block are a 6×6 quilt.

the layout

the layout

If you have more or less, just do what you can.  Once you get the pattern the way you like it, head to the machine and start sewing!  Eventually, you have this!




Those 2.5″ strips?

2.5 inch strips

2.5 inch strips

Sew them all together into a long chain.   Fold in half and iron.  You just made your binding!!!  Now go find a gorgeous fabric(s) for the back and have fun quilting!  And all those scraps I told you to save?  Don’t worry…….I’m working on it!!  Stay tuned!

note—while sewing, don’t stress over putting 2 fabrics together.  It adds a visual interest.

this is OK

this is OK

this is OK, too!

this is OK, too!

I sure hope you enjoyed my tutorial.   I will be back soon with a matching project using the scraps.  Until then,

peace and pieces,

Petal Power and Pretty Paisley

I knew a girl in college….we were in different circles, but lived in the same dorm.   She became pregnant with twin girls.   What should have been all happy moments turned scary.  They were born early.  VERY early.  28 weeks.IMG_1043

God gave me this gift,  and sometimes I HAVE to use it.  Even when I have a million other projects I SHOULD be doing.   Those girls, and Mommy and Daddy, need to know that someone else cares.  One gets my FAV pattern…the Carpenters Square.  IMG_1035

With my fav flower (the daisy) quilted into it.  IMG_1031

The other gets an All Paths adaptation (an original pattern).IMG_1039

and my fav girly quilting pattern (peacock feathers).  IMG_1040

And my little butterfly snuck in there!!  LOL   Add some zebra binding, and you got a really cool HipHop style quilt!IMG_1041

I also threw in 2 “scent dolls” made of minkie.  IMG_1042

I had planned on this being the back, but the quilting looked SOOOO good on the black flannel that I couldn’t cover it up.  IMG_1032

Meh—-the picture didn’t show up real well.  Trust me on that!!!

Now just do me a favor.   Say a little prayer for Bella and Bristol.  And for their parents.   Thanks.

peace and pieces,

The Green Monster


Crazy idea, but someone asked me to make this quilt.  A pixilated version of a video game creature.   IMG_0934

It’s not my favorite style–I tend to be more traditional–but I admit this is still really cool!

I did a geometric/linear meander in the green…IMG_0933

and squiggly tight meander in the black.   I was trying to make it stand out a bit more.  NOW I wish I’d switched threads.  But I didn’t think about it at the time.  IMG_0932

I’m also super psyched at with the new Canon we bought.  These pics are INDOORS!   Still not as good as outdoor, but since it’s still rainy and nasty, I’ll take what I can get.  Special thanks to my amazing photographer Melonie, for telling me what setting to put it on!IMG_0935

And LOOK at my new gorgeous floors!   I am in love!IMG_0936

All of these pics are taken BEFORE it has had it’s bath.  It will be even more amazing once it’s nice and crinkly!!IMG_0931

peace and pieces,

Shades of Camo

I’m humbled and awed by the response I’m getting concerning Stitches and Kisses New Venture.   If you missed the announcement, go take a peek!  And if you’re looking for the giveaway, it’s here.

Now, the last BIG Christmas order is DONE.100_4665

Talk about a modern take on a vintage block, huh?  100_4667

The pictures STINK, because we had nasty rain again.  I hate taking them indoors.  Do you know how hard it is to find grey solids locally?   I knew I should have ordered from Kona directly.  Oh well.   2 shades of grey,2 black, and 2 white.  It worked.100_4666

A meander to mimic the camo print, and echoing in the churndash itself.100_4672

It really looked cool!   I was scared to work with camo again, but it worked just RIGHT!100_4670

Even a cool back!  I didn’t quilt as heavily as some of my other quilts, so I was a tad worried about the crinkle factor.   But….100_4669

…Yup!!   It still worked nice!!

The clients already gave it to their son.   (grin) Apparently, it was a HUGE hit!

peace and pieces,



Quilts for Christmas


Once again, the Moda 4Squared pattern comes to my aid.  The swirl pattern is meant to mimic the border print.100_4504

The flamingos, rose, and other large blocks are from t-shirts.100_4502

Check out this border!   Isn’t it gorgeous??   It’s on the back, too.100_4503

And Brother has one to match.


Look at the geometric quilting on this!  It came out far better than I imagined it would.


I wish I had full length pictures, but the rain made everything really gross.   I can’t risk ruining the quilts.   Labels go on today during Art Class, and they will go in the mail this week.  YAY!

Only a few more projects to go!

peace and pieces,