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MiniQuilt Swap Received!

It is ADORABLE!  Mine came from Norfolk in the UK.  I have no idea WHERE that is, so I will have to do some research now!   IMG_7399

It is completely hand quilted, with all these adorable embellishments.IMG_7400

The bees and butterflies even have teeny tiny sparkly beads for their bodies.


I would love to know where she got all these tiny flowers!IMG_7402

Samplers as a big quilt are not usually my cup of tea, but as a Mini, it is perfect.   And there is a COOL block here that I’d like to try!IMG_7403

And the BACK!   OMGosh I want some of this crazy fabric!IMG_7404

She threw in a sweet little stationary/file folder set, and a Post Card so I can learn about where she lives.  IMG_7405

Thank you SO much Ms Irene!  I LOVE IT!

We also opened the Looney Bin Pool for the summer.   The mermaids moved in IMMEDIATELY!  LOL  IMG_7409

peace and pieces,

Blue Bird of Happiness—Mini quilt Sent


You saw this unfinished, but now it’s finished.IMG_7130

And HOPEFULLY it is already in Norway.  I shipped it on the 10th, and there is no way to track it.IMG_7129

I decided to raw-edge the applique for dimension.IMG_7131

Since it is meant to be decoration, it shouldn’t get washed much.   So I’m not too worried about it fraying further.IMG_7132

I’d never risk this small of a seam allowance on a real quilt that will see hundreds of washings!!  LOLIMG_7133

And I LOVE the little corner pockets for hanging things.  SO simple!!   And works great for these little things.

OK—I have to (gasp) do housework now.

OH!!!    Just so you know I’m still working…..this is the top half of the Cow Quilt.  I am almost done with the green meadow.IMG_7410

See the curves??!!   I’m glad I did it this way, even if it didn’t quite work as planned.IMG_7411

peace and pieces,

GIVEAWAY! Announcements, and more!


Thank you for playing!



Welcome ALL!    I know there are quite a few of you linking in from The Quilting Gallery!   I’m so happy to see all these new and smiling faces!!  welcome_mat

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Amy Gay; wife for 12 years to a HANDSOME blue-eyed man; mother to 2 blue eyed girls (The Apprentice and WildChild); a Blue-Eyed Boy, and a Brown-Eyed Boy.  I quilt for the public, and am beginning to create patterns.  I can’t go back to my professional life (LONG hours) so I hope that my quilting can be a blessing to my family as well as my well-being.  I tend to like more traditional patterns, but the modern creeps in sometimes.

Currently, my partner Dorothy and I are going to host a Block Of The Month.  Remember the Witchy Sue100_4287

There will be a Sue for each month.   Starting January 15th, there will be a paper pieced pattern with applique embellishments released each month on the 15th.  The pattern will be free ONLY until the end of the month.   All previous months will be released for $0 .99.  So please PLEASE pop in and get your patterns.

Now, the reason you are here!!   FREE STUFF!   How’s this?20121209_150717

6 Fat Quarters, Valentines stuff!   Perfect for a runner or candle mat kind of mini-quilt.20121209_150513

To win, just comment below.  Maybe you could tell me which of my projects you have liked.  It would GREAT if you followed me on Facebook, or Twitter, or signed up for the blog (email link to the right!)  But none of that is required.  Just comment.  And PLEASE, go take a peek at the rest of the members of the Blog Hop sponsored by Quilting Gallery.  Over 150 other blogs are giving goodies away!   Oh-And I will ship internationally!

Thanks again for stopping by!

peace and pieces,

Sportlov Sussi (Skating Sue Swap)


Yes, she came!  Look at her!!!!  Isn’t she awesome?  And ALL the way from SWEDEN!   I know, I know, I shipped to Australia–why shouldn’t I get an international Sue in return.   But still….I was surprised!

Look at the “fur” detail on the hood!20121206_091903

Awesome word fabric.   I assume it’s a foreign language, but not really sure!  It’s not English, that’s for sure!  LOL20121206_091909

The tiny wonky log cabins-I keep seeing this but havn’t tried it yet.   They are so cute and quirky-I really ought to try it.20121206_091918

Even the label is awesome!   She paid SUCH attention to the details.20121206_091926

AND I even got extra goodies!!   Chocolate, salted licorice (I can’t wait to try that!) floss, a moose medallion, and some scrap fabrics.  The hedgehog print is to DIE for!   I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.  Maybe some Wonky Log cabins with the scraps?!  Could make a great mini for spring!!!20121205_124510

Getting the envelope totally made my day.   I stopped the mail lady on my way out because I was expecting a box from Connecting Threads.   It was supposed to rain and I didn’t want it left on the porch.   She handed me this envelope first.   When I saw that it was from Sweden, I screamed!!   I am a tad ashamed to admit this,  but I sounded like a preteen at a boy band concert!  The mail lady laughed as I tore into the envelope and showed off the quilt.  20121205_124153

See?   Told you I tore into it!!   So go take a peek at Lizzie’s blog, at Swedish Scrapper.   I just spent some time there myself.  She has these teeny tiny log cabin blocks, and an amazing New York Beauty doll quilt.   Very talented woman!  Thank You again, Lizzie!!!  I LOVE my Sportlov Sussi!!!!(by the way, she says that is roughly translated into Winter Break Sussi)

And don’t forget to drop into The Quilting Gallery–this is where all the swaps and blog hops are!   Another blog hop with giveaways will start on December 10th!

I think the Brown Eyed Boy is finally asleep.   Back to Jemma the Long arm, and the 50 Shades of Camo quilt!

peace and pieces,


Blog hop with GIVEAWAY!

Woohoo!!   There is another Blog Hop Party at the Quilting Gallery!  Click the banner below to sign up!  Giveaway officially starts December 10th.   The last one had (I think) 100+ blogs to wander through.   Of course you know I didn’t win a darn thing!  LOL   But it’s fun anyway!


So go sign up!   And stay tuned—I have the camo half done!

peace and pieces,