Help me out!

I think I am FINALLY getting somewhere with the new website.  But I need YOUR help!  It looks like I will have to redo the entire .com site.  I ask for two things….

First, go visit    Tell me what you like, what you don’t, what to dump, what to keep.   The site was never fully finished, but there is still a lot there.

Second, this site.   What about THIS blog do you like?  What to keep, what to toss.  For the most part, I’m really pleased with this blog.  The stuff already on it will be imported, and HOPEFULLY my subscribers too.   But what new can I add?

And should I add an RSS feed like BlogLoving or similar?  Personally, I ONLY subscribe to those blogs that offer an email option.  I never remember to visit the blog reader.  What do YOU prefer?

My current plan is a main page with other pages.   I want my tutorials and free patterns in an easy-to-find place, and obvious links to the social media sites, the Etsy Store, BOM SunBonnet Sue (or OTHER BOMs!).

It’s going to be a long process.   As it is, the boys have made this single post take 2 hours.  Factor in vacation, quick trips to switch kids, my niece visiting, art class, 4H ect…….Don’t look for the new improved site to go live until school starts!  LOL

Oh—and I’m WAY behind on Sue.   I will sew her today.  Hopefully, the pattern will go up tonight, or tomorrow.

peace and pieces,amy


PS—-What questions would you like to see answered on the About Me page?

4 responses to “Help me out!

  1. I think an e-mail reminder thing is great! I don’t usually remember to visit a blog place either. 😦

    I’d like to know more about where you live, your pets, all your kids, your motorcycle, and how you find the motivation and time for all that you do! *Smile*

  2. I like how your website has easy, obvious links to the store, blog, and the gallery (some sites make getting around so hard!). The blog is fine – I use email for yours, but I also use a reader for others. Either way is fine with me. Good luck!

  3. I like the new site, and I will follow you there. I also only sign up if there is subscribe by email. I have enough trouble reading them, can not remember to go somewhere else.

  4. I love your blog, please don’t change it.

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