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Stars and stripes

This did not start out patriotic at all.   Even thought it DID turn out that way.  Sort of.  I bought the Fat Quarters from Connecting Threads WAY back when, with my Father In Law in mind.   He loves Blue.IMG_7758

That is the unfinished version.   I didn’t get real good pictures of it finished!!   Except this..IMG_7779

I put a pocket in this….Father In Law likes to keep his feet warm when he’s in the recliner!  IMG_7773

The kids personalized it.  IMG_7777

This poor quilt was supposed to be just big stars.   No stripes.   But I stopped sewing with 6 blocks left.  When I got back to it, I FORGOT that I had already hacked of the fat Quarter to make it square.   Oops.   SO I had to add the log cabin-ish piece to get them up to size.   And you know what??   I LOVE IT!!

There is no OOPS in quilting—-simply an opportunity to do something different!!963804_10151519878053884_2001371086_o

BrownEyed Boy loves it too!!

peace and pieces,

Not Your Ordinary Nine Patch

Who knew the plain ole boring nine patch could be transformed into THIS??!IMG_7730

Meet Halo, a milk cow.   The gentleman who ordered her also ordered the Golden Gator several years ago. februry 2011 208

I tried to replicate Halo perfectly, and I THINK I did a decent job.  IMG_7731

Before I washed her, the face had a lot more definition.   I’m kinda bummed about that.IMG_7732

But the bag came out pretty good!IMG_7733

I appliqued parts of curving areas to show the clouds and the green meadow.  IMG_7734

Most of the green curves ended up underneath Halo, but the clouds came out!!IMG_7735

I will have delivered this by the time the post goes live.   I sure hope it’s well received.   I’m showing the Guild tonight.

Up close shots of the quilting…..Pebbles in the clouds, IMG_7742

swirls in the sky, IMG_7743

and daisies in the grass.IMG_7744

I LOVE my longarm!

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peace and pieces,

The Green Monster


Crazy idea, but someone asked me to make this quilt.  A pixilated version of a video game creature.   IMG_0934

It’s not my favorite style–I tend to be more traditional–but I admit this is still really cool!

I did a geometric/linear meander in the green…IMG_0933

and squiggly tight meander in the black.   I was trying to make it stand out a bit more.  NOW I wish I’d switched threads.  But I didn’t think about it at the time.  IMG_0932

I’m also super psyched at with the new Canon we bought.  These pics are INDOORS!   Still not as good as outdoor, but since it’s still rainy and nasty, I’ll take what I can get.  Special thanks to my amazing photographer Melonie, for telling me what setting to put it on!IMG_0935

And LOOK at my new gorgeous floors!   I am in love!IMG_0936

All of these pics are taken BEFORE it has had it’s bath.  It will be even more amazing once it’s nice and crinkly!!IMG_0931

peace and pieces,

LadyBugs, and a BIG Thank YOU!

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and love yesterday!  66 comments and counting!  Although, I’m really regretting the “favorite food” request–it’s made me HUNGRY!!  LOL  For those of you who havn’t seen, please go to Autumn Sunrise, and enter the giveaway.

Now, look at this sweet twin!

Not my usual color scheme, at ALL.   But the client gets what the client wants!  And she loves it!   The back is cute, too!

I am getting much better at specialized meandering.  Yesterday I made shamrocks!  For this quilt-ladybugs!  They look JUST like the profiled bugs on the green fabric.

Now to head to town.   Must have food, and FABRIC!

peace and pieces,

Princess Humperdink

I have a friend that I’ve known since the 7th grade.  We have gone through quite a lot together.  I am blessed to have 3 “BFF’s” in my life–you know, those people you can call at 2am and know that they will be with you as soon as they can get to you.  Jen is one of them.

Jen lives in a house of boys.  Big, nasty, STINKY boys!!  LOL  Ok, her husband and 2 sons.  Close enough, right?

Jen is a girl.  I mean a GIRLY girl!!  And hopefully, all this pink will keep her stinky boys from stealing her quilt.

I LOVE the way this turned out.  I’d like to use this pattern with lots of other 2 tone combos.  Just wish I remember exactly how I did it!

I hope you stay warm, Humperdink!!!  I miss you!

peace and pieces,

Soccer Ball

Check this one out!!!   It will belong to a young man who’s soccer team won the state championship!  His grandmother commissioned it.  I forget which way the arrow is supposed to face, but since it’s smack-dab in the middle, it won’t matter!  LOL

And she had the foresight to know what once he goes to college, he might not want this on his bed.  Soooo……

OH YES!  It is REVERSIBLE!!    Isn’t this amazing?  I like this side better!  LOL  Quilting is a star meander.

I’m very pleased with the way this came out.  I sure hope the recipient is too!

I’d like to thank everyone who turned out Saturday for the Craft Fair.  We had 12 booths!  This was the biggest so far.  And since 2 regulars were ill, we will be up to at least 14 next time!!   We’ve come a LONG way from the original 5 we had 3 years ago!

I have some things that didn’t sell.  Think it’s time to set up my Etsy job for real.  Can’t hurt, right?  I’ll let you all know when I get to that.  Probably after Easter.

OH!!   Do NOT forget to take a peak at the Garden Party Blog Hop!!!   It started yesterday with music notes.  Today is a teacup of roses!!  Click the button on the right sidebar.  A friend of mine, GraceParfait will be showcased on April 15th, and MINE will be on April 30th.  I’m super excited!!!

peace and pieces,

COA Raffle quilt

This really needs a better name.  Any ideas?

Tickets are available NOW.  $1 a piece.  Raffle to be drawn in May—the tickets aren’t in front of me, so the exact date is a blur right now. 

I LOVE the feather panto I used.  It came out so pretty and soft.

It’s a slightly-larger-than-twin sized quilt.  It’ll be SUPER crinkly once I wash it!   Need some color catchers.  It will be on display Saturday at the Grand Lake Craft Fair.  Come on down and see it, AND all the other awesome stuff our community will have for sale!

peace and pieces,

busy busy busy!!

I’ve been swamped lately.  The Hubs had to go out of town for a long job, and I’ve been a tad occupied with the “Employees”!!  LOL  They do keep me hopping.  Then I had a miserable head cold that had me out on the couch for 4 days.  But I’m back, and raring to go!!!

“Butterfly Kisses” was shipped to the winner.  She asked that it be unquilted, because she wants to add to it.  Can’t WAIT to see what she does!!!  Then I made 4 Easter Baskets.  I didn’t use any batting, and they are a tad floppy.  Bust still totally ADORABLE!!  Here’s one!

I also finished the top to a super scrappy Pink Thing!

Started piecing a Carpenters Square…

Made the first half of the blocks for the next quilt..

Made a few passes on the Raffle Quilt…

and finished a baby quilt, AND the handquilted mini.  I hope to have pictures tomorrow for those. They deserve their own post.  I bought some fabric, too.  Not sure WHAT to make with them.  The craft fair looms close!  Only 2 more weeks.  and I have VERY little to sell that is small and affordable.  Any ideas???  Here is the fabric…

All are Fat Quarters, except the roll of strips.  I can’t figure out what to do!!  HELP!

I’m off for the night.

peace and pieces,



Insane Applique

Finished product!!

It’s still super nasty outside, so I had to use the boys’ room.

I’m not really happy with the photo shoot–but I LOVE the way the quilt came out!!

I just couldn’t meander over all this hard work, so a semi-custom job it was.

Not every element had it’s own pattern, but enough that you can see the difference.

And I let the varigated thread “speak”.

Grecian Key design in the border.

“Water” pattern in the black borders, “wind” in the sky.

Special hearts in all 4 corners.

The back.

LOOK at all the crinkles!!

And a scrappy binding to match the rest of the madness.

Now, on to the next one!!!

peace and pieces,

Cameron Council on Aging quilt top.

I’m currently out of batting, so this is all I have to show.  I wanted it to look as Old Fashioned as I could, and it will be machine quilted on the Long Arm.  I’m thinking some swirly pattern of some sort.  Possibly the leaf panto.

And I’ve been working on the applique for the Olympic Poster quilt.   It’s printed out, and laid on the island.  I’ve already numbered and traced each element.  I’ve searched through the stash, and I have very few fabrics that will work.  I sure hope HobbyLobby has a BUNCH of Kona Cottons.

Yup–it’s THAT big.  Everything is numbered, then traced and re-numbered, and THEN, labeled on a note card.  This is the most intense applique I’ve done, so I need all the help I can!  LOL

oh NUTS.  I JUST realized that I did this wrong.  I should have flipped the image before printing it.  Everything is going to be mirror imaged this way.  Danggit.  Now I have to retrace the whole thing.  UGH!  Oh well.  Such is life, huh?!

Stay tuned!

peace and pieces,