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Pink Elephant stuffie and wall hanging

560Remember LAST year when I did that flannel baby suite??  Go here for a refresher.IMG_7707

Well, I TOTALLY forgot that I said I’d make a wall hanging.   Char has been SO patient!!IMG_7708

I’m lucky she’s a friend!!    IMG_7709

And to say I’m Sorry, AND Happy Birthday…..IMG_7710

…how about a tiny stuffed elephant???!!IMG_7712

It is based on the tutorial by BustleAndSew, but I had some issues and kind of freeformed it.  IMG_7714

I sure hope Amy loves her new critter.IMG_7715

I know I had a blast making it!!   And I’d like to make a few more.   I imagine they’d sell at the craft fair.  IMG_7716

peace and pieces,

Petal Power and Pretty Paisley

I knew a girl in college….we were in different circles, but lived in the same dorm.   She became pregnant with twin girls.   What should have been all happy moments turned scary.  They were born early.  VERY early.  28 weeks.IMG_1043

God gave me this gift,  and sometimes I HAVE to use it.  Even when I have a million other projects I SHOULD be doing.   Those girls, and Mommy and Daddy, need to know that someone else cares.  One gets my FAV pattern…the Carpenters Square.  IMG_1035

With my fav flower (the daisy) quilted into it.  IMG_1031

The other gets an All Paths adaptation (an original pattern).IMG_1039

and my fav girly quilting pattern (peacock feathers).  IMG_1040

And my little butterfly snuck in there!!  LOL   Add some zebra binding, and you got a really cool HipHop style quilt!IMG_1041

I also threw in 2 “scent dolls” made of minkie.  IMG_1042

I had planned on this being the back, but the quilting looked SOOOO good on the black flannel that I couldn’t cover it up.  IMG_1032

Meh—-the picture didn’t show up real well.  Trust me on that!!!

Now just do me a favor.   Say a little prayer for Bella and Bristol.  And for their parents.   Thanks.

peace and pieces,

Irish Sister #3

sigh….is there anything as sweet as a brand new baby girl?

How about one who is destined to have red hair and blue green eyes?

Well, at least the the person ordering it says her big sisters all look like that!

Celtic knot pattern adapted from some EQ blocks…

and quilted with shamrocks.  Can this be ANY more Irish?

Happy  BIRTH day, Adeline.  I wish you many many many more!  And Congrats to your mommy, daddy, and sisters.  Irish Sister #1 and #2 are in the making!  LOL  Nothing like going backwards.

peace and pieces,

Star of the Tiger

My oldest BFF asked for a quilt for her son.   He likes LSU and the Saints, and attends Holy Cross.   HOW do you fit all that into one quilt??  Well, take a Carpenter’s star …..

and add my Fleur de lis….

finish with a blue back….

and there ya go!   Now, look at that above picture a little closer.   Do you see it????

NOW you can see it!  I two toned the back.   I love how you can see the pattern on both sides, using both the quilting pattern, AND the color changes!!

Look really really close, and you can JUST make out the fleur de lis with a “tiger” print.   And don’t forget the butterfly!
Sorry folks—boy or girl–that butterfly is a mandatory requirement.  If you don’t want the butterfly, you don’t want the quilt.  I do a pretty good job of hiding it!!

I sure hope this keeps Joe warm for many years to come.

But even if he hates it, his mom loves it.   So she’ll just steal it back!!  HAHAHA

I made a top today, too.   The crib version of that Irish Sister set.  I had to rebuild the EQ block to make it fit my purposes, which took forever, but I LOVE it!!   The sun kind of washed out the picture, since it’s so BRIGHT.   (please, lets not discuss the humidity that kept fogging up my camera lens) 

The client loves “shabby chic” stuff.   I think this fits the bill!!

Lat order of business, but CERTAINLY not the least important!!  I told you that I’m doing several blocks over the next 2 months.   The first is a bloghop called “Glorious Autumn”   It is sponsored by Miska at Quilting Gallery.   In her words,

Over 15 weeks, 45 designers will create 12" blocks for the Glorious Autumn Block Party. These blocks will be featured, three per week, on the Quilting Gallery site starting September 4th. In addition to the blocks, there will be Super Deals for Quilters from our favourite online retailers. Also, be sure to check each designer's post, as many will be offering give-aways on their own site that everyone can participate in."

Sounds like fun, right??????   The first 3 blocks are already out!  Click HERE to find the schedule and links.   There is also a linky square to the right.   That will take you to it, too.   MY day is September 27th.  I’m featuring a COMMON sight here in SWLA.  I just finished sewing up the block last night.  I can’t wait to show it off!

I should probably go, before I say too much more!!  LOL

peace and piece,


Hawaiian Stylin’

According to UPS Tracking info, this was JUST delivered.  So I’m posting the blog I wrote last week.   I pray they enjoy this as much as I did.


I was asked to create a totally unique baby suite for an old college friend, his too sweet wife, and their brand new baby girl. 

The pictures aren’t nearly as good as usual.  It’s been a MILLION degrees outside.  So I had to set up indoors. 

I used Connecting Threads Batiks, and the bright teal is a Robert Kaufman.  It came out amazing!

Hard to believe this set will live in Alaska!  LOL

LOVED the ruffled skirt!   So girly.

The 2 long inner panels were striped.  Only the back panel had the hibiscus detail.

That hibiscus was a pain to work with, but SOOOOO worth it!

The front panel has 3 waves rolling across it. 

I wanted a touch more color on the front, hence the waves.

AND the sweet ORANGE bows!

I used flannel on the back, so it quilted up extra crinkly once washed.

See how pretty that hibiscus is?   Yup—totally worth it!!
And last, a small throw pillow.  I wish now that I’d made it larger.  But I really have no scraps left!!!!!  And a pop of orange.  Piping and quilting are both orange.

I really enjoyed this set.  It stretched my brain to design it, and stretched my skills to applique it.  And I’m just realizing that I have no good pictures of the back!  But I double color quilted it.

This was a cell picture.   and the only one I have!  rats.

Oh well.  It’s done, and shipped.  And in it’s new home.   On to the next project!!

peace and pieces,

Baby Boy Quilt

For this quilt, I used 4 Squared in the Moda Bakeshop.  They used white as the solid.   I decided to try brown!   Gives it a whole different look, doesn’t it?

Since it was for a boy, I wanted more of a “manly” feel.  And for some reason, swirly quilting just wasn’t quite what I wanted. 

I just sort of randomly made boxes.   I LOVE the way this came out.  I ended up doing it on my Bernina instead of the LA.  I have no idea how to do ruler work, yet. Time to start practicing.

And of COURSE, my butterfly!

peace and pieces,

Great, and Interesting, Day

Wow what a day!!   Storms woke us up a bit early, to begin with. I had only 2 kids this AM–WildChild and BrownEyedBoy.  WildChild has mentioned an interest in quilting (yay) so we headed to the BRAND NEW Hancock Fabrics.

Zucchi and broccoli

While we were there, I recognized someone!!!  Jessica, from Happy Together!!!  She is amazingly talented in the crafty sense and I’ve been following her for a while.  Photography, too.  I hope WildChild, BrownEyedBoy and I didn’t scare her off, because I really enjoyed the visit.  And her girls—OMGOSH!  J is insane!! LOL  I loved her, mostly because she gave WildChild a run for her money!!!  And Miss E was so serious, with the most amazing smile in the world.  She is the first little to make me crave a 5th!!  I hope I didn’t chase you off,  Jessica!

WildChild’s fabric selection

Of Course we didn’t leave without fabric!!   The above pieces are going to become a pillow.

And now, sneak previews of Sunset over Hawaii!

Yes, a Hibiscus!!  Takes forever to cut that thing out!!   LOL  I also have dolphins…


This suite will be AMAZING!!!

And did you know that herbs can be gorgeous??!

Me either.  Catnip and basil.  Go figure!!

WildChild and a bouquet of basil and dill

And on top of it all, Zucchini has learned to fly.   oh Dear!!   LOL

BrownEyedBoy and Zucchini

peace and pieces,

Flannel Suite for Amy Leigh

I am SOOOO excited to show this off!!  Miss AmyLeigh is due any day now, and this is just perfect for a sweet girl.    Ruffled bedskirt…

Pink elephant on the bumper…

Bows holding it all together

And the softest flannel from Connecting Threads.

The crib quilt is a modified version of my pattern, Butterfly Kisses.

A few scraps make a bassinet quilt.  Also great for car trips!  And a diaper stacker to keep the nursery neat.

I even managed to make a few stuffies for a mobile.  My moon is a tad skinny.  oops.

I threw in a raggy stuffed A.  It was so cute!  I thought I took a good picture, but I can’t find it.  This cell shot will have to do.

I’m really excited.  And NOW, another set!!!  This one will be Sunset in Hawaii, and HERE are the fabrics.

But first, I have a Carpenter’s square to finish!  And also on the pipeline–2 twins and a crib, all matching colors, in a CELTIC theme!!   Busy Busy Busy!

peace and pieces,

Christmas gifts 2011

This is my last post of 2011!!  I hope to have many many many new posts in 2012!

I made quite a few gifts this year.  I hope I took pictures of them all, but I’m not sure I did!  Let’s see.

Gifts for my nieces in NC–One loves BLUE, so she got this.

Blue Windows for Amber

closeup of the orangepeel quilting

For the other NC niece, I went much more modern.  I’m disgusted with the pictures.  It rained ALL week, so I had to take indoor pictures.

Modern look for Bobbie

LOVED the backing

3 days before Christmas, Mike started saying that HE was getting a quilt for Christmas.  CRAP.  Walmart’s precut batik strips to the rescue!

Mike's Rock Candy Christmas



Gifts for the inlaws—

for Pop Pop

the yellow smudges are Phillip!

GiGi's placemats. Boys were crawfish..

..and the girls were crabs

waterbottle carrier for Tina

totebag for Tina

I did some goodies for Louetta–beautiful placemats–no pictures.  I did a horsie set for Dinah–notebook, binder, and kleenex cover–no pictures.  MOM didn’t get her stuff yet, so no pictures of that yet.  I THINK that was all that I made for gifts this year.

Here is to many MANY more posts in 2012.  Thank you to my loyal followers!!  Keep posted–I want to get more traffic to my blog this year, so I’ll host a giveaway, have some free patterns, and a few other stuff.  I am ALSO going to start charging taxes.  This will be the first year I actually might be in the black, so I figure I’d better sign up with the state and be legal!  Paperwork–YUCK!  LOL  so lots of changes on the way.

peace and pieces,


Pink Confection

Sweet little Emma is a niece of a good friend.  This is just perfect for a little girl!

I LOVE pink and brown!!

Emma is such a classic name.

I’m totally in love with the fabrics.  ESPECIALLY this one on the back.

I hope this quilt sees LOTS of poop and throw up!!  haha

peace and pieces,