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Bloomerie fabrics, take 2

So remember that sweet pack of Bloomerie fat 1/8s I got in?  It was supposed to be a hand project.  A Double Wedding Ring.   Yeah—those pieces were too tiny!!!   My fat fingers couldn’t wrap the fabric around it at all.

Soooo, TAKE 2!!!  Start sewing.  And sew some more.  Stop long enough to iron.  I was too impatient to take pictures of all the above steps.  But THIS is where I stopped to iron.

Ironed them nice and started trimming.  This time, I stopped here.

And started sewing again.  Made “bricks”.

Added white “mortar”…

And here you go!!

Notice my GORGEOUS new faucet???   Thanks HONEY!!!   I love it!

Now, the pile of scraps????  Well, the little ones will get tucked into a tiny pouch with some homegrown catnip!  The larger ones—well, stay tuned!!!!

(my newly, mostly potty-trained MiniMe!)

peace and pieces,

Flannel Suite for Amy Leigh

I am SOOOO excited to show this off!!  Miss AmyLeigh is due any day now, and this is just perfect for a sweet girl.    Ruffled bedskirt…

Pink elephant on the bumper…

Bows holding it all together

And the softest flannel from Connecting Threads.

The crib quilt is a modified version of my pattern, Butterfly Kisses.

A few scraps make a bassinet quilt.  Also great for car trips!  And a diaper stacker to keep the nursery neat.

I even managed to make a few stuffies for a mobile.  My moon is a tad skinny.  oops.

I threw in a raggy stuffed A.  It was so cute!  I thought I took a good picture, but I can’t find it.  This cell shot will have to do.

I’m really excited.  And NOW, another set!!!  This one will be Sunset in Hawaii, and HERE are the fabrics.

But first, I have a Carpenter’s square to finish!  And also on the pipeline–2 twins and a crib, all matching colors, in a CELTIC theme!!   Busy Busy Busy!

peace and pieces,

Another FREE Paper Piece Pattern!

Yes folks, this is Big News #1!  I have another pattern ready for you all!!  I created an extra just in case I needed it.

Yup!!   The Monarch Butterfly that can go with the Lazy Daisy!  The SewHooked Garden party went SO well that I decided I’d better just release this!  An altered version of this will be a part of the 18″ super block I’m working on.

It’s hanging on my front door!  LOVE IT!  When the 4 part series is finished, I’ll release all blocks one at a time, block of the week style.

For the PDF pattern, click here ——————>  Monarch Butterfly

Off to the Long Arm!!

peace and pieces,

The Quilting Gallery New Beginnings Blog Swap

You’ve been watching my progress.  You just didn’t know it! This is the newly named “Butterfly Kisses” pattern that I’m working up.  SOON it will be available as a free PDF tutorial!  This was the first version with extra colors.  I honestly like it better than the 3 color version, but the tutorial already took FOREVER!!!

I actually sat down long enough to handquilt this.  I NEVER do anything by hand.  I just don’t have the time.  But I forced myself.  And I LOVED it!!   I started with echoing everything in white.  but you KNOW I had to add my butterfly.  Long story, but I screwed up and messed up my fabric!!   The light blue covered a very poor marking decision on one of the squares.  And then, I LOVED IT!!!   So I added some orange peel-ish quilting too.

I’m really happy with the way this turned out.  But even BETTER—My PARTNER seems to love it!!   She is a quilter named Kelly.  Her life seems very similar to mine (poor lady!!  LOL)  Go check out her work!  Her blog is A Plain Path.

Strangely enough, I had this all the way done, and had started on the quilting when I finally checked out her blog.  And found where she used the SAME fabric to make a hexagon project!!  Was that kismet, or WHAT?  I hope this gives you as much joy, Kelly, as I had while making it!!

Now, the OTHER project!!!   I used a pattern/tutorial from Moda to make a Baby Quilt!

Isn’t it beautiful??  Yes, you Connecting Threads fans–this is yet another one of their fabric collections.   This one is quite old, but I never had a good reason to use it.  The back is cute, but simple.

Those specs are the pins, before the flaps were sewn down.  Now—-WHO can I give this to??  SOMEONE needs to have a baby girl!  LOL

I’m in the middle of about 4 other projects right now, plus the craft fair NEXT WEEKEND!!  AAAKKKK  Wish me luck.  Because I’m about to lose my MIND!!

peace and pieces,

Blog Hop Designer!!

Good Morning Everyone!!  I’m am SUPER excited!!  I’ve signed up to be a designer in a Blog Hop.  For those of you who only follow me because you LOVE me, that means people go from internet blog to internet blog.  Looking for things, or collecting patterns.  In this case, it’s a block pattern.  Starting April 1st, each blog on the list will offer a paper pieced quilt block centered around the theme “Garden Party”.  It’s sponsored by  The link to the sign up page is in my side bar!!

I first asked my daughters what Garden Party meant to them.  I ended up with flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies.  Then I asked Mom.  hehehe   She said WINE! Not a bad thought!  Sooooooooo, I added a lot of this together.  I’m super happy with my block so far.  I need to keep a lot of it a surprise, I think.  Yes–that is going to KILL me!!  BUT, I will show you this.  Needs some tweaking–notice the seams didn’t line up quite right…

Chardonnay, anyone??!!  LOL  I LOVE MY MOM!!

And now, BACK to the crazy applique.  All elements are stitched down.  The colored blocks for border 2 are cut.  I just need to measure and measure and measure again to get the panel cut to the exact right size.  The inner black border, too.

See ya’ll later!!!!


OH WAIT!!!   The Apprentice!  How could I forget?!?!?  She stole Bernie from me yesterday.  In the process of doing this, she reached 4 of the 21 goals for her 4H project!!  She pieced and quilted the front panel, added the back, shoved in a pillow form, and hand sewed the opening.  Threaded the machine, threaded the hand needle–Yup!!   That is my little quilter!

peace and pieces,

Photo Gallery-Small Stuff

Quilt Camp 2011

Well, THIS year we tried Quilt Camp again.  It didn’t go quit as well as last year, but that’s OK.  They enjoyed the design process and color choosing at least.  Girl #1 did sew her borders on, and attempted to do the applique.  But the applique was a tad too advanced for her.  But here they are!!  the Self Portraits, based on elements found in the Quilters Yearbook!!

I had each girl sign their name on some foundation paper.  LOVE this stuff!!  I transferred the names to the quilts.  LOVE the way it turned out.

Look how accurate these are!!  LOL

A successful week with my niece!


peace and pieces,

the next 2

I will have 3 tops to quilt when I get these done.  The purple and gold “Geaux” and these 2 scrappy twins.  I know for SURE that one will be on this royal blue.

The 2nd is up in the air.  I have a red design wall–It looks AWESOME on this shade.

But I can ALSO see this done in chocolate brown, navy, or a hunter green.  SOOOO many options!!  LOL

And I think I’ll show you all the back of the cape.  But NOT the front view.  Queen Gabrielle needs her hair and crown before I show all of it off!

peace and pieces,

Christmas Crunch

I’m slamming, trying to get everything done.  I have 8 more of the blocks for Dad’s Celtic Dragon done (bringing me to half done), and I’ve printed the pattern.  I’ve decided to go buy a fusible pressing mat tomorrow-I think it’ll make the whole applique thing easier.  I’m also cranking out small things for the MANY girls in my life!!  And boys, too.  Here are the most adorable Patchwork Puppies, created using THIS tutorial.  4 boys, and one girl!

It is apparently Kid Tested, Mother Approved!!

And these are 2 sets for some special sisters.  Scarf, bag with smelly goodies, and a cell phone/camera case.

I’ve made a BUNCH of those camera/cell cases.  They are matches to the many bags that are leftover from the craft fair.  No pictures of those, since only the colors changed.

Here is a table runner

Oh–and here’s a bag that matches the girl scottie.  The recipient is a 1.5 year old.

I think I have some more things, but I guess I don’t have pictures yet.  Time to start wrapping all this stuff.  But FIRST, since PK is napping, back to the Celtic Dragon!

Now for the Christmas Crush.

The craft fair is over.  I did fairly well!  I even had a twin quilt commissioned.  And PAID FOR IN ADVANCE!!  Yup–I’m happy.  I’d show pictures, but I forgot my camera.  This is all I have, and it’s a cell picture.

The nights and days have been rough lately.  My 3 month old is, well, a 3 month old!!  But  I did manage to throw together my flannel rag quilt.  This is a sneak peek.  I still have to snip the seams and wash it so it frays and gets all snuggly!

So NOW, it’s time to hump it.  Grandma’s birthday is December 12th.  She turns 80 this year.  I hope this will be done in time, so that Dad can give it to her when he goes to visit.  It’s called “Rhapsody in Blue”.  Here’s a preview-

And lastly, a quilt for my poor dad.  He is so mistreated, you know??!  haha  Or so he says.  It’ll have an applique dragon on it, in reds and blacks, and probably some golds.  I havn’t even started buying his fabric yet.  I need to get Grandma’s out of the way, first.

SO wish me luck.  I’ll post progress of each as I go!


Peace and pieces,