Business…..(and a few pics, too)

I spent a quiet morning working on my summer business calendar.  If I DON”T, I know I will forget something.

Finden came to visit

Finden came to visit

From now until the first week in September, I have Mrs Cow to finish,  3 more twins, 2 cribs, a rag, and a top to quilt off for a friend.

sneak peak that mails TODAY

sneak peak that mails TODAY

AND a week of vacation, and a summer with 4 kids.   Scary huh?  And on top of it all, I just sent an email to a local small cloth diaper/natural baby store.

Can we come outside too, Mom?

Can we come outside too, Mom?

I have ALL those scraps that need to be used.   If I’m lucky, a few blocks here and there will make a sweet baby quilt that I can sell on consignment.

fabrics for a raggy quilt

fabrics for a raggy quilt

We shall see!!  Now, to head to town.   We have errands to run!!

late night visitor

late night visitor

peace and pieces,


6 responses to “Business…..(and a few pics, too)

  1. I don’t think you will have a very quiet summer but it sounds fun just the same. Enjoy your time with the kids. What is that wee critter?

    • It’s never quiet here anyway! LOL That is a very small opossum. All this time we were blaming the stray cat for eating our garbage. I never thought this thing would climb the steps to the porch. And Hubby was headed outside to take it to the curb. Brave little sucker did NOT want to leave. He wasn’t agressive, but you can never be TOO sure!!

  2. He’s cute. I looked for an e-mail address for you, but can’t find one. Thanks for commenting over on my blog : )

  3. Cute possum. Even if your summer’s not quiet; it will be productive and wonderful 🙂

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